Songwon expands functional monomer range

Songwon is further developing and expanding its range of bisphenol (BP) monomers and dicyclopentadiene (DCPD) phenol resins.

High-purity BP-Z crystalline bisphenol and tetramethyl (modified) bisphenol (TMBP) are now being produced on an industrial scale, while the dicyclopentadiene epoxy resin modifier range ERM-6100 is already well established in the market and being used, for example, in speciality resins in Asia.

“Resin manufacturers can benefit still more from the high performance, cost efficiency and competitive prices of our functional monomers, since we are now producing them in bulk,” said Heinrich Schulte, Leader of the Market Center Functional Monomers.

Functional monomers are speciality molecules that can provide a standard polymer with additional, enhanced performance effects and/or significantly increase processing performance.

“Our products improve temperature resistance, electrical insulation properties and resistance to water and moisture, for example,” explained Schulte.

The bisphenol monomer BP-Z improves the mechanical properties and heat resistance of specialty polycarbonate and polyester resins.

Composed mainly of epoxy, phenolic and novolac resins, it is suitable for high-frequency, copper-clad laminates and electronic packaging and currently being assessed in 5G-compatible packaging resins in Asia.

TMBP, which has been developed to ensure the highest purity and excellent colour, can be used for both epoxy and phenolic resins and is noted for increasing their glass transition temperature.

Songwon is working with customers to define new colour and purity standards that will allow them to expand applications, for example in the innovative electronic sector.

ERM-6100 DCPD phenol has now qualified as a hardener for speciality resins, such as benzoxazine, which is increasingly finding applications in high-performance electronic packaging.

With their minimal free phenol content, the five dicyclopentadiene (DCPD) phenol resins each have a different softening point, functionality and viscosity and they can therefore cover a wide variety of requirements.

Songwon started selling its functional monomers in Europe this year and will launch them in USA in 2020.

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