Siliconi launches silicone resins for water repellent coatings

Due to their porous structure, construction materials absorb a lot of moisture if they enter in contact with water. Water and high humidity, in combination with weather changes are the main reasons for the damage of the structures, such as the flaking of the coatings, loss of the insulating effect, frost damage, efflorescence problems or the formation of mould and algae.

To protect the wall, therefore, it becomes essential to treat the masonry surface with a coating system able to protect the porous structure against water without interfering with the breathability of the same, so as to avoid problems of swelling and/or breakage of the applied paint.


An effective method to protect the walls exposed to atmospheric agents is to treat them with hydrophobic paints or, called siloxane paints too.

These paints are formulated to ensure and obtain excellent performance against water absorption without interfering with the breathability of the paint itself.

To do this, silicone polymers are widely used to formulate this type of paint system (hence the name siloxane paints).

Based on the molecular weight and structure of the silicone chain, it is possible to obtain silicone resins (with high molecular weight) such as our ESASIL ® 505 or siloxane additives, more commonly called pearl additives, such as our ESASIL ® 600.

ESASIL ® 505 is a silicone resin in emulsion, ideal to formulate high performance siloxane paints such as excellent water resistance combined with excellent breathability. ESASIL ® 505, being always used in combination with an organic resin as a co-binder, shows excellent compatibility with all types of polymers, such as acrylic or styrene-acrylic resins. Furthermore, ESASIL ® 505 manifests an immediate hydrophobic power, protecting the wall structures even from the first rains.

ESASIL ® 600 is a silicone additive in emulsion, perfect to be used in combination with ESASIL ® 505 in order to obtain high hydrophobic performance combined with an excellent beading effect. In adequate concentrations, ESASIL ® 600 is used as the only silicone hydrophobic component, thus combining hydrophobicity and a pearly effect.


In addition, it shows excellent compatibility with all types of polymers, such as acrylic or styrene-acrylic resins.

For the periodic treatment of wall structures, or for the protection of stones, ceramics or stone artefacts, ESASIL ® 600 can be diluted in water (1:10) and applied directly on the surface to be treated, thus obtaining a final hydrophobic top coat. Thanks to its chemical structure, it does not give to surface the wet effect, so it is perfect to use if you want to preserve the appearance of the treated substrate.

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