PACK'R paint filling lines for the paint industry

PACK'R paint filling line

PACK'R paint filling line

PACK’R is a global supplier, designer, and fully integrated manufacture of liquid filling and capping machines.

PACK’R serves the following industry markets; Paints & Coatings, Chemicals, Agrochemicals, Petrochemicals, Vegetable Oils and various Food items.

Its presence in the paint industry includes weight filling and capping machines that are developed for several products, such as varnish, water- or solvent-based paints.

The dosing machines can fill many different types of containers including; bottles, cans, jerrycans, pails, and totes, all in a wide variety of sizes, including 100ml to 1000l.

PACK’R customised machines are designed to provide superior chemical compatibility with a wide range of products.

The turnkey lines are made of the highest quality materials providing protection and resistance during paint product filling into various packaging types, as per customer requirements and expectations.

One of its most recent accomplishments includes a Turnkey Line to a Norway firm, which is one of the World’s leaders in paint manufacturing.

This company produces water-based paints utilising the following components: two filling & cap machines with pressurised tanks; two lid Denester machines; and two pail Denester machines.

PACK’R paint and filling products include “Fill & Clean Systems,” which include two pressurised tanks on each machine.

Its “Fill & Clean Systems” technology provides a non-stop cycle production.

PACK’R's highly automatic technologies help avoid operator exposure risk, ensuring superior quality systems including; filling, cleaning and safety.

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