New thermally conductive adhesive for heat sensitive components

The new Elecolit®6607 adhesive from Panacol is thermally conductive and can be oven cured at temperatures as low as 80°C.

It is characterised by excellent metal adhesion and is electrically insulating.

Elecolit®6607 is an epoxy resin-based adhesive filled with aluminium oxide.

It is a one-component adhesive and due to its flow characteristics, it can be applied by dispenser, screen printing or spatula.

Since Elecolit®6607 cures at temperatures as low as 80°C, even heat-sensitive components can be bonded together.

Curing at higher temperatures will shorten the curing time.

After curing, the light gray adhesive insulates electrically and provides excellent heat dissipation.

Due to its properties, Elecolit®6607 is particularly suitable for bonding metal components and heat sinks to electronic circuit boards.

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