Lomon Billions Group has changed its company name to LB Group

On July 7, 2021, Lomon Billions’ registered company name was changed to LB Group Co. Ltd. The company is now known by the abbreviated name of LB Group.

Effective on the same date, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange approved a change to the company’s security abbreviation to LBG. The securities code remains 002601.

Registered capital was stated as 2,239,610,256 RMB, a change from the previous registered capital of 2,032,020,889 RMB.

Summary of Changes

Prior to 7 July 2021

Effective 7 July 2021

Registered name

Lomon Billions Group Co., Ltd.

LB Group Co., Ltd.

Abbreviated name

Lomon Billions

LB Group

Securities abbreviation



Securities code



Registered capital

2,032,020,889 RMB

2,239,610,256 RMB

The changes to the registered company name, capital and securities abbreviation do not involve any change to the company’s subsidiaries.

The company continues to progress its initial public offering on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

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