LB Group to showcase its new chloride-process titanium dioxide (TiO2) pigments for coatings and paper laminates at MECS 2021

LB Group returns to the Middle East Coatings Show in Dubai in September to promote its range of high performance TiO2 pigments for coatings and inks and this year, its first chloride-process TiO2 pigment for paper laminates.

“We make our titanium dioxide pigments using the sulphate process and the chloride process,” says Julie Reid, Marketing Director. “One of our most popular sulphate-process pigments, R-996 pigment, is an excellent all-rounder for interior and exterior coatings. And BILLIONS™ TR52 pigment, our specialist sulphate-process TiO2 pigment for printing inks is world class. Our pigments are trusted by formulators worldwide. We’ve grown our chloride-process production capacity significantly over the last few years which has given us the opportunity to work with our customers to develop new chloride-process TiO2 pigments.”

New chloride-process TiO2 pigment for highly durable industrial coatings

LB Group’s new BILLIONS™ BLR-896 pigment is a highly durable chloride titanium dioxide pigment designed for weather-resistant industrial coatings applications. With its optimised alumina and silica coating, BLR-896 combines very high durability with excellent optical properties to provide long-lasting UV protection for very demanding exterior applications, without compromising on visual appearance.

BLR-896 also has outstanding dispersion performance, dispersing quickly and easily for enhanced processability. “We’re delighted with BLR-896, says Julie. “We’ve worked hard to develop and refine this pigment. We’re recommending BLR-896 for a range of industrial coatings including protective and marine coatings, exterior powder coatings, coil coatings and automotive OEM and refinish. It’s also suitable for exterior architectural coatings.”

New chloride-process TiO2 pigment for decorative paper laminates

“Our latest chloride-process TiO2 pigment is BILLIONS™ BLR-852 pigment, an alumina and phosphate treated rutile titanium dioxide pigment specifically designed for decorative paper laminates. We’ve received very encouraging feedback from customers who trialled BLR-852 and we’re excited to be able to offer this new pigment commercially.” BLR-852 provides high opacity and brightness. It delivers strong lightfastness and excellent retention properties in paper pulp. It’s also suitable for a range of paper-making applications including printing inks for paper laminates and decorative foils.

A best-seller for architectural and industrial coatings

BILLIONS™ BLR-895 pigment is currently LB Group’s best-selling chloride TiO2 pigment for coatings. It’s a durable chloride TiO2 pigment with excellent dispersion, opacity and gloss, and delivers brilliant whiteness with a clean blue tone making it suitable for an extensive range of architectural and industrial coatings.

“Our tests show that BLR-895 pigment can deliver a brighter bluer white when compared with several competitive chloride TiO2 pigments including internationally recognised brands,” says Julie. “Thanks to its inorganic surface coating it has outstanding dispersion performance. It disperses quickly and easily into coatings formulations helping to achieve efficient production and high-quality coatings.”

Visit the LB Group’s titanium dioxide pigment experts at booth G09 at MECS 2021 in Dubai from 27 - 29 September to find out more about the company, its TiO2 pigments and the benefits they can deliver.

Contact Julie Reid, Marketing Director at to make an appointment, or visit

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