Jim Lawrence adds Greenkote anti-corrosion coatings

Greenkote, the Ohio-based developer of advanced anti-corrosion metal coatings, has announced the sale of a new Greenkote coating system to Jim Lawrence Traditional Ironworks Ltd, long-respected British creator of hand-crafted home lighting, hardware and furnishings.

The Greenkote system is installed at Jim Lawrence facilities in Hadleigh, Suffolk, UK.

The announcement was made jointly by Mark Gore, CEO of Greenkote, and Jim Lawrence, Founder/CEO of Jim Lawrence Traditional Ironworks.

“Quality is the foundation of our brand,” said Lawrence. “Previously, an outside vendor had been applying a different anti-corrosion coating on our outdoor products, but the quality and customer service did not meet our standards.

“Now that we’ve switched to Greenkote and also have our own in-house coating line we’re getting superior anti-corrosion protection along with more consistent, even coverage of our products.

“Plus, we’re able to expedite our delivery schedules.”

“Greenkote coating is particularly well suited to Jim Lawrence applications because it creates a visually smooth surface,” said Gore.

“Yet it also has a unique microscopic roughness that enables optimal adhesion for all the special paints and finishes that are subsequently applied to the products.

“That’s an important advantage compared with other thermal diffusion coatings.”

Jim Lawrence offers a large collection of hand-crafted home furnishings both classic and modern that include lighting, lampshades, door and window hardware, accessories and more.

These are provided in a broad range of styles, colours and metallic finishes which are individually applied by the company’s own skilled artisans.

Advanced Greenkote coatings are currently being used to replace older anti-corrosion processes such as galvanizing, hot-dip, metal flake and sherardising to protect metal products that are exposed to weather or harsh environments.

In addition to enhanced corrosion protection, Greenkote provides longer wear and superior top-coat adhesion and its highly conformal coverage allows it to be used even on complex geometries such as threaded parts.

In addition, Greenkote is completely eco-friendly.

Applied by a patented zinc-based dry thermal diffusion process, it requires no acids or hazardous chemicals and produces no toxic byproducts.

Greenkote supplies both coating systems and coating services.

Each new licensed coating system it sells is configured for the specific customer’s application and Greenkote directly oversees the sourcing, installation and setup of all equipment, as well as the training of new operators.

In addition, Greenkote provides coating services through the company’s own coating centres and licensee-partners around the globe for a broad range of users in construction, automotive, utilities, consumer products and many other industries. 

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