Freda installs intelligent UV line for high-end furniture parts

Lithuania-based Freda is known for its high-end furniture components. As a supplier to a global Swedish Furniture Supplier, the company recently invested in a new intelligent UV coating line to be installed shortly. It matched the unique ICAD® Technology from EFSEN UV with the high-end coaters and system integration from Hymmen.

Having ICAD® on its first UV LED line has shown the value of full width inline UV monitoring, making ICAD® a “must have” for its second line. A robust UV solution should be matched with robust application equipment, and Freda has experienced the reliability of Hymmen GmbH Maschinen- und Anlagenbau machinery through years of production meeting the highest quality standards.

UV technology is often associated with high productivity and quality, something that is also greatly valued at Hymmen and EFSEN. Hymmen is a specialist in customised solutions utilising its industrial expertise, ensuring an efficient and flexible production process. The innovative UV-LED technology is the perfect match, with reduced energy consumption and higher process stability. EFSENs ICAD® technology provides an efficient automated solution for ensuring all the thousands of UV-LED diodes in the line are monitored continuously. This ensures a constant UV output, a necessity for maintaining a steady, high output of top-quality products.

For Freda it is important to ensure the highest possible quality of all the products it sends out to the market. Hymmen has a long reputation of manufacturing some of the best coaters and line handling systems in the world of furniture coating. Combining this line setup with the intelligent W-LED system from EFSEN that controls itself during production with inline and continuous measurement gives Freda the possibility to reliably secure the quality and curing performance of each single product. With ICAD® from EFSEN and the coating line from Hymmen, UV curing control can be taken to the next level: The system can document the curing conditions for each batch, as a proof that it has cured according to the global Swedish Furniture Supplier’s standards. Freda is currently the only producer that can offer this documentation and that is in line with the company´s strategy of being the best supplier of pigmented furniture.

Freda’s new production line ensures an outstanding flexibility concerning the sizes of production material: From single large boards to a high number of small parts that can be processed in one single batch. To ensure the reliable high surface quality it is critical to success to position and fix the small elements exactly on the transport belts – especially with the high cycle rate at a speed of 50m/min. This causes a high level of complexity in plate handling with which the Hymmen technology can cope.

With an overall length of approximately 100m the whole finishing line includes the EFSEN W-LED technology, the feeding and stacking system, portals, transports, roller coating machines and direct printing machines, as well as the process automation from Hymmen.

“We are confident that the Hymmen line with EFSENs UV will provide the optimal conditions for efficient production, pushing the boundaries of the technology,” said Audrius Cicirka – Technology and Development Manager, Freda.

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