Datacolor publishes a new series of five eBooks

Datacolor understands that details matter, colour is key and precise, consistent replication is essential.

That’s why Datacolor provides the insights, tools and support users need to get colours right every time.

Therefore, Datacolor has created a series of eBooks, including an introduction to the basic concepts of colorimetry and their commercial application.

The first eBook explains the basics, including fundamental terms and common concepts.

The following eBooks will give more details of the colour science concepts put into commercial applications.

This material expands the understanding and use of colour technology tools.

The Datacolor eBooks offer a great benefit to everyone who wants to learn more about colour and understand the complexity of getting colours right.

• Book 1 gives an introduction to the fundamentals of colourimetry

• Book 2 explains the subjective nature of colour and how the science of colourimetry offers useful tools

• Book 3 explains the importance of colour measurement in order to standardise colour vision

• Book 4 covers colour distances, tolerances and deviations up to metamerism

• Book 5 covers measurement techniques, measurement instruments and sample preparation

The eBooks can easily be ordered online, are free of charge and available in six languages.

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