Cortec presents new brochure – VpCIR technology

ortec has published a  brochure in collaboration with the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture University in Zagreb, Croatia, delivering information on its latest technology products and services in the field of marine and shipbuilding industries. Damage from corrosion in shipbuilding is very harsh and quality corrosion protection of the ship is of crucial importance for its functioning and use. Due to a ship’s demanding and complex structure and its exposure to aggressive environments, optimal corrosion protection is one of the key factors in its quality and price.

The most efficient and economical technical solution on the market today is the use of  patented VpCI corrosion inhibitors. VpCIs have a very high range of application and their utilisation is the result of technological, as well as economic progress, when it comes to corrosion protection in shipbuilding. They are successfully and increasingly used in shipbuilding and marine industries due to their unique properties.

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