Axalta paints London architecture scene red with new Colour Experience Room

Examples of the sensory experiences lead by Dami Babalola and Stuart Hanson from Axalta

Examples of the sensory experiences lead by Dami Babalola and Stuart Hanson from Axalta

Axalta, a leading manufacturer of powder and liquid coatings, officially opened the doors to its new Colour Experience Room at The Building Centre, London, on Thursday, June 13.

Architects and designers were invited to explore Axalta’s extensive colour collections and the relationship between colour and the five senses, at the launch of its first UK-based Colour Experience Room.

Hosted in celebration of the London Festival of Architecture, guests enjoyed a series of mini sensory experiences that pushed the boundaries of each of the senses, including mystery touch boxes and a blindfolded scent masterclass.

Each sensory experience offered guests the opportunity to connect each sense - taste, touch, smell, sight or hearing, to an Axalta colour swatch of their choice.

The Colour Experience Room is home to more than 700 powder colour swatches, showcasing different textures, effects and finishes and is now open for walk-ins Monday-Saturday.

Dami Babalola, Architecture Colour Expert and curator of the London Colour Experience Room, stated: “Colour is typically perceived through one sense – sight, but we wanted to show guests that this is not the only way to appreciate colour.

"Our mini sensory experiences presented a fresh perspective to colour, by stimulating all of the senses.”

An attendee of the evening, commented, “The Colour Experience Room is dynamic, modern and so easily accessible – I can’t wait to come back soon!”

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