Smart paint shop in Vietnam: Dürr takes advantage of growth opportunities in South East Asia

South East Asia is among the fastest growing markets in the automotive industry.

Experts believe that automotive production in countries, such as Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam, will increase by an average of 6-9 % in the coming years.

Local car manufacturers are also entering the market – among them the Vietnamese company VinFast, for which Dürr is building a space-saving paint shop in Haiphong with smart technologies for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

VinFast is a subsidiary of the VinGroup, Vietnam's largest non-state-owned listed company, with a market value of US$14.6bn (July 2018).

VinFast plans to establish itself quickly in the growing automotive market by offering different vehicle models.

In the Dürr paint shop, which was ordered in the first quarter of 2018, 250,000 cars per year are set to roll off the production line during the first phase.

Initially, they will be equipped with conventional drives, later also with electric motors.

"Our paint shop will be the largest in Vietnam and highly automated through the integration of numerous IIoT applications.

“This will make it the benchmark for excellent quality at low operating costs, the highest ecological standards and a high degree of safety at work", said James Deluca, CEO of the VinFast Trading and Production Company.

One example of smart IIoT technology is the smart EcoInCure paint-curing oven.

Every car body that passes through the oven receives a digital quality certificate.

For this purpose, the oven data is evaluated by Dürr's MES software.

The youngest generation of Dürr painting robots will also be used at VinFast; its numerous sensors make it Industry 4.0 compatible.

The robots provide real-time data, which is analysed and evaluated using Dürr software.

Thanks to Dürr's patented layout concept, the paint shop in Haiphong requires around 15,000m2 less space than a comparable factory, making it over 20% more space-efficient.

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