PPG aerospace conversion coating qualified to USA military specification

PPG's RECC 3007 aerospace conversion coating has been qualified to USA Military Specification MIL-C-81706, Type II, Class 3, Form IV, Method A.

It is the first non-chrome aerospace pretreatment coating to be qualified to the USA Department of Defense’s specification for chemical conversion coatings applied to aluminium.

The coating is listed on the USA Defense Logistics Agency’s Qualified Product List.

PPG RECC 3007 pretreatment is formulated without chrome as an intentionally added ingredient.

It is sprayed on to bare aluminium alloy aircraft surfaces to help protect against corrosion and improve adhesion for surfaces on which primer is subsequently applied.

The pretreatment is supplied in an aqueous solution and formulated without volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

The coating offers low electrical resistance, allowing for some electrical continuity of aluminium surfaces that cannot be painted.

These include aluminium and aluminium-coated electrical connectors, avionics surfaces and boxes, and materials and equipment that interface with aircraft surfaces, such as antennas, doors, seals and windshields.

As a Class 3 conversion coating with low electrical resistance, PPG RECC 3007 pretreatment may have corrosion resistance uses for non-aircraft applications, such as electronic circuit boards and other aluminium substrates and equipment.

“A key initiative for PPG is to offer aerospace coatings formulated without chromates and other chromium compounds that provide anticorrosion performance comparable to corrosion-resistant products formulated with chromium,” said Randall Brady, PPG global segment manager, aerospace pretreatment solutions.

“This military specification qualification enables all USA military branches and subcontractors to purchase PPG RECC 3007 pretreatment.

"It also enables commercial and general aviation aircraft manufacturers, operators and subcontractors that purchase qualified coatings to order the product.”

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