Mankiewicz relies on coating hardeners from the ultra line of Covestro

For its Alexit® coating systems, the Hamburg-based coatings manufacturer Mankiewicz Gebr & Co KG uses hardeners from Covestro, which are setting new standards in occupational safety.

The Bayhydur® ultra products used are part of the ultra line and contain less than 0.1%/wt of residual monomers.

"Improved, application-oriented occupational safety is a quality attribute that enhances our portfolio," said Dr Heinz-Wilhelm Wilde, Head of Research and Development in the automotive coatings division at Mankiewicz.

"Thanks to the new ultra line from Covestro, we are also already well prepared to meet the requirements of customers and authorities in the future."

The improved standard is important for the entire value chain of the coatings and adhesives industry.

For Mankiewicz, it is particularly important that the coatings based on the Covestro ultra line are not subjected to expensive and tedious technical testing at customers' from the automotive industry and other industrial sectors.

"The quality of the ultra products is at the same high level as previous hardeners; only the specification range of the residual monomer content was reduced," said Dr Markus Mechtel, expert for automotive coatings at Covestro.

The reduction of the residual monomer content was made possible by continuous process improvements at Covestro.

Dr. Felix Niefind, laboratory manager at Mankiewicz, confirmed: "We were able to fully replace the Covestro hardeners previously used in our formulations with the ultra products."

Niefind will report about the good experiences with Bayhydur® ultra 2487/1 and other raw materials for coatings of the ultra line at the European Coatings Show 2019 from March 19-21 in Nuremberg.

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