Get more lumens for your watt with AkzoNobel's powder coatings

It's an illuminating idea that's helping to transform commercial interiors - a powder coating from AkzoNobel that can increase brightness indoors, without adding extra light sources.

Now available globally, Interpon Reflex is an ultra-reflective system that allows more light to be emitted from fewer lighting units because less is absorbed by the coating - helping to save energy and money.

Optimised for the highest possible reflectivity, it answers the lighting industry's increasing demand for more efficient lighting systems.

"We're all striving to reduce our environmental impact by finding new ways to cut our energy consumption," explained Mark Reekie, Global Segment Manager Lighting at AkzoNobel Powder Coatings.

"We developed Interpon Reflex to respond to an increasing demand for more reflective powder coatings.

"It's a great example of creating value from fewer resources and of sustainability driving innovation at AkzoNobel."

With its performance having already been proven at major lighting manufacturers throughout North America and China, the product was recently tested by a UK lighting manufacturer, and the results showed that Interpon Reflex significantly reduces glare, as well as increasing efficiency.

Added Reekie: "Customers are not only benefiting from product performance enhancements such as increased lumen output, reduced energy and reduced glare. They have also seen a simplification in their production processes."

The Interpon Reflex range has been formulated for all types of reflective surfaces.

In addition to the usual sustainability benefits of a powder coating (no VOCs, optimised application, reduced energy use), it also offers a much lower environmental impact than other high reflectance materials.

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