Fritsch launches Laser Particle Sizer Analysette 22 NanoTec

In the field of paints and coatings, the evaluation and verification of particle sizes is very important as the particle size has a decisive influence on colour and shade.

Therefore, users of the Fritsch Laser Particle Sizer Analysette 22 NanoTec can benefit from its decisive advantages: extremely simple operation, short analysis times and consistently reproducible and reliable results.

And of course, value for money.

Advantages with the ANALYSETTE 22 NanoTec:

  • Measuring range 0.01 – 2100 μm
  • Short measuring time
  • High measurement precision
  • Consistent reproducibility
  • Reliable comparability
  • User-friendly operation

The Analysette 22 NanoTec consists of a compact measuring unit that can be quickly and easily combined with various dispersion units for dry or wet measurements.

This allows customers to buy only what they need for their applications.

It also has a practical, fast switch system that can quickly switch between dispersion units by simply changing the cartridge containing the measuring cell.

Always the right dispersion module: The measuring cell is simply switched to change the dispersion

The Analysette 22 NanoTec completes most measurements in less than a minute.

The instrument is then immediately ready to be used again.

A fully automatic analysis gives clearly organised results, directly visible on the screen.

You can also print out or save a report customised to your needs.

Updated information on Fritsch particle sizing technology - from Dynamic Image Analysis to Static Laser Scattering with descriptive videos – is available at

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