Colibri colour management made easy

Designed to work with a wide variety of Konica Minolta Sensing’s benchtop and handheld spectrophotometers, Colibri® is an efficient, powerful and easy to use modular software suite that can handle all your needs from colour specification to formulation and quality control.

Colibri uses a single central database that allows users to customise with modules and add-ons pertinent to the needs of their business.

Significant cost savings can be realised through more accurate recipe predictions and can reduce R&D and production costs by minimising the use of expensive colourants when attempting to formulate recipes. 

With Colibri, the entire supply chain can have fast (and entirely controlled) access to shared data and increased benefits from improved colour communication. 

Data can be shared internally or externally on-line.

Colibri is a fantastic resource for large global enterprises, as well as single-client and small businesses alike. 

By harnessing the latest innovations in information technology, Colibri can also be hosted in any network environment or in the cloud.


  • Customising colour standards
  • Measuring colour with associated application support
  • Specifying brand colours
  • Managing colours for the entire supply chain
  • Acceleration of quality product creation
  • Colour communication services and tools
  • Connecting you with third party software products like enterprise resource planning tools and others.


  •  ColorSpec - is used to specify brand colours and standards
  •  ColorMatch is utilised for the prediction of colour and opacity in a variety of applications and substrates
  • ColorQuality - this module monitors, certifies and is used for final approval of coloured products
  • ColorTint - assists in both automatic and manual dispensing of colour recipes in production, lab or at the point of sale.

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