ChemQuest Director brings 30+ years of experience in titanium dioxide markets

The ChemQuest Group is pleased to welcome Joe Maas as a Director, effective immediately. 

With over 30 years of experience working in the titanium dioxide industry, ChemQuest Director Joe Maas’s knowledge spans TiO2 technologies and substitutes, global supply logistics (including channels/distribution), end uses, customers and regulations.

Joe Maas has made significant contributions relative to international commercial management in the chemical industry including direct sales management, marketing, management of Agent networks, and managing the inherent complexities associated with global logistics. 

In 1982, Joe Maas began his career as the Marketing Manager for Rheological Additives at NL Chemicals Inc, not long after earning his Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Monmouth University.

Following the acquisition of Spencer Kellogg Resins by NL Chemicals in 1987, he was appointed as Sales and Marketing Manager for the next two years.

In 1989, NL Chemicals consolidated its global TiO2 operations under the name Kronos Worldwide, Inc.

Joe Maas was appointed Director of Sales and Marketing for the new global TiO2 Business.

In 2000, Maas was promoted to Vice President, Global Sales and Marketing where his leadership supported the development of a highly effective international commercial team.

From 2006 to 2014, Joe Maas served as President of Global Sales and Marketing for Kronos.

During his tenure in top management, he honed his leadership skills motivating a global team of over 150 sales, marketing, logistics and support professionals who garnered achievements in record sales volumes, revenues, and bottom-line profitability.

Of his new position as Director, Joe Maas believes that ChemQuest clients can leverage his 30+ years of experience to gain new insights for developing sustainable supply strategies for TiO2 and other key materials.

Dan Murad, president and CEO, adds, “Joe Maas’s expansive knowledge and keen insights are an asset to ChemQuest clients in navigating the uncertainty of fluctuating supply/demand cycles in diverse end markets in the titanium dioxide space.

“We look forward to quickly onboarding Joe and introducing him to our client-base and their individual objectives.”

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