Buhler presents new bead mill at ChinaCoat 2018

Bühler is presenting for the first time its new bead mill Visconomic+™ at ChinaCoat 2018.

It has been specially developed for the processing of high viscous products.

The new gap geometry, together with the pin arrangement, ensures maximum flow resistance.

This combination avoids premature compacting of the grinding media and overheating of the product.

Rotor and stator cooling also ensures optimum temperature control.

The Visconomic+™ was developed as a high-performance bead mill specifically for the processing of very viscous and temperature-sensitive products.

Especially, energy-curing systems such as UV inks can polymerise at high temperatures. Therefore, efficient cooling is very important.

The cooling surface maximised by the rotor and stator cooling and the efficient surface exchange on the cooling surface result in a high cooling capacity of the system.

As a result, the temperature of the product during the grinding process can be regulated so that excessive temperature increase is effectively avoided.

As the product is well cooled even with a higher power input, better dispersion quality can be achieved.

Thanks to the optimised grinding gap width and the aggressive pin arrangement, high throughputs and optimum grinding results are achieved even with very viscous products.

The grinding media are separated via a dynamic separating gap.

Due to the constant shear in the gap, no particles can settle, which increases process reliability.

Visconomic+™ also has a high degree of user-friendliness. For example, the process zone is at an ideal working height for the operator.

All major components of the system are easily accessible for cleaning and maintenance.

A trolley additionally simplifies the dismantling and cleaning of the stator.

There are four different control options available for Visconomic+™: The basic version, "Comfort" offers a simple control with push buttons.

The "Premium" and "Premium Plus" variants integrate a touchscreen control with a graded range of functions.

Finally, with "WINCOS", the bead mill can be integrated into the central plant control system from Bühler.

All Bühler “Premium” control systems are IoT ready and enable the development and use of corresponding services.

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