Azelis launches company-wide Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme

Azelis has launched its CSR programme, representing the efforts that Azelis makes throughout the entire supply chain and beyond.

This launch follows two years of research, preparation, definition and implementation of the programme’s goals and KPIs.

Azelis is committed to follow the United Nations Global Compact key pillars of Corporate Social Responsibility: Human Rights, Labour, Environment and Anti-Corruption.

The CSR programme ensures each of these commitments has a framework to measure and monitor performance and develop action plans, as appropriate, to ensure continuous improvement.

Furthermore, Azelis is committed to communicate progress and report annually on its CSR programme from 2019.

Azelis believes that CSR concerns everyone: employees, customers, principals and other stakeholders including regulatory bodies, governments and local authorities.  

Dr Hans Joachim Mueller, Azelis CEO, commented: “The CSR programme we have launched is exactly what has been the core of Azelis ethos: showing respect in everything we do, day in day out.

“We believe this is the only way of making a true and lasting difference.

“And of course, the bigger our efforts, the greater our impact will be.

“At Azelis we are committed to maintaining the highest human, environmental and ethical values through unwavering cooperation with local communities, industry bodies, authorities and regulators.

“Only together can we reduce the environmental impact of our workplace as much as possible, and improve social values in whatever we do, wherever we can.”

Maria Almenar, Head of Azelis group Safety, Health and Environment Quality who is leading the implementation of CSR at Azelis, added: “Responsible care and responsible distribution are already part of our daily work life.

“They focus on operations and product stewardship while our CSR programme complements it and takes it one step further.

“It will concentrate on the complete picture: company values, ethical behaviour, human rights, environment and fair operating practices.”

The CSR programme is implemented in all Azelis’ processes and practices, building on the Corporate Social Responsibility Policy and Sustainable Procurement Policy Azelis launched last year when it also signed the UN Global Compact initiative.

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