Axalta Coating Systems unites to fight cancer

Axalta employees from Belgium cycled 1000km to rise awareness for cancer charity Kom Op Tegen Kanker

Axalta employees from Belgium cycled 1000km to rise awareness for cancer charity Kom Op Tegen Kanker

Axalta Coating Systems, a leading global supplier of liquid and powder coatings, has, for the eighth year running, cycled 1000km to raise money for a leading Belgian cancer charity, Kom op Tegen Kanker (KOTK).

The race, which took place from May 10-13, 2018, was tackled by three teams who each cycled 250km per day on each of the four days, starting and finishing in Mechelen, Belgium.

Axalta’s participation in this race comes on the heels of its involvement in the first ever KOTK 100km run.

The inaugural run, which was held on 18 March 2018 on and around the University of Antwerp’s Campus Drie Eijken, saw a team of four Axalta employees meet the challenge.

The first runner tackled 40km, and 10km later, at the 30km mile-marker, a colleague joined, and another at the 20km and 10km mile-markers, until all four reached the finish line together.

Through both the race events, and other fundraising activities throughout the year, Axalta employees from Belgium were able to raise €17,540 for KOTK, who will use the proceeds for clinical research to achieve higher survivability rates and better quality of life for cancer patients.

Herbert van der Donk, Axalta’s Plant Manager in Mechelen, says, “Everyone knows someone who has been touched by cancer.

“The funds raised certainly helped to drive the teams to do their best, and everyone truly pushed their boundaries.

“We are very proud of their achievements.”

 Axalta, together with the almost 1000 other teams that participated in the 1000km bike ride, and the 200 teams that were involved in the 100km race in 2018, have raised a total of €5,462,500.

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