Award-winning coating technology from BASF improves energy efficiency of vehicles

BASF’s Coatings division has won the internationally coveted iF Design Award in the category ‘Automobiles/Vehicles’ for its functional paint technology for passive temperature management.

The jury of the iF Design Award honored the specific properties of the paint system and its design potential for mobility of the future – a successful combination of functionality and design.

The prize was presented during the iF Design Award Night at ‘BMW Welt’ in Munich.

The functionality of paints is playing an increasing role in the field of automotive OEM coatings.

Due to a special formulation, the new temperature management system from BASF not only provides protection and creates a high-level finish for vehicles, it also ensures additional comfort and greater efficiency.

The paint system utilises a basecoat that is transparent to high-energy near infrared (NIR) radiation, and an NIR reflecting filler.

In this combination, the paint reduces the vehicle surface temperature by up to 20°C on hot summer days, which has a positive effect on the temperature inside the vehicle.

This means the air conditioning system is used less to control the temperature in the car.

“Factors such as A/C regulation have a major impact on the range of a vehicle, particularly in the field of electromobility.

“Our technology reduces energy consumption and thus optimises the vehicle’s efficiency,” explained Stephan Schwarte, Head of Pigments, Dispersions & Innovative Colors EMEA at BASF.

In addition to the functionality, the jury of the iF Design Award was also won over by the design potential of the paint technology.

“Colours and special effects offer carmakers the opportunity to accentuate the shape of the vehicle and to give the model its unique character.

“Our temperature management system covers a wide colour spectrum that incorporates both light and dark colours – without compromising product quality,” said Mark Gutjahr, Head of Automotive Color Design EMEA at BASF.

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