All you need for superior aqueous coating systems

At this year's European Coatings Show, which takes place in Nuremberg from March 19-21, Lanxess will present its comprehensive product portfolio for the coatings industry.

One focus will be on innovative raw materials for formulating aqueous systems for a wide range of applications, from glass fibre sizing and plastic coating to textile finishing or vehicle painting.

Waterborne systems from Lanxess allow customers in the coatings industry to comply with increasingly demanding regulations, eg on volatile organic compounds (VOC) but also to develop high performance products fulfilling modern application needs.

Boost your system by crosslinking it with Trixene Aqua

The Trixene Aqua range of water-based blocked isocyanate dispersions from Lanxess comprises excellent crosslinkers and adhesion promoters for aqueous coatings systems.

These boost the chemical and mechanical resistance of coatings and sizing formulations to allow much better performance and durability in the final application.

Due to the blocked isocyanate group they are more stable than the respective free counterparts and can easily be formulated in 1-K and 2-K systems together with a variety of complementary aqueous resins, eg hydroxy-functional acrylics, polyesters and urethanes.

This is beneficial, for instance, in textile processing, where Trixene Aqua BI 220 can be used as an adhesion promoter for water-repellent finishes on sports and fashion clothing, delivering superior durability.

Likewise, Trixene Aqua BI 201 can be used as a crosslinker for automotive clear coats, giving rise to improved chipping resistance and optical appearance.

Witcobond and Trixene Aqua: A strong combination for water-based, high performance PU coating systems

Next to Trixene Aqua, Lanxess offers a full portfolio of water-based Witcobond polyurethane dispersions (PUDs).

Especially for glass fibre sizing, Lanxess has developed high solids grades that offer superior bonding of filaments in fibre and composite processing and outstanding physical properties in the end application.

For example, Witcobond 374-13, a polyester-based polyurethane dispersion, confers excellent integrity for chopped strand production and good adhesion to various thermoplastic and thermosetting matrices.

In combination with Lanxess' latest development of Trixene Aqua BI 202, the system enhances the bonding between glass strand and various resin matrices used in advanced composites.

Witcobond products can be employed in a broad range of other applications for waterborne coatings and finishes for hard and flexible substrates.

They embrace anionic, cationic and nonionic chemistry, so binders covering the full pH range are available.

The extensive list includes high-solids content products with up to 60% solids, dispersions with low or no co-solvent content, including products free of N-methyl pyrrolidone (NMP) and grades free of nonionic surfactants, such as alkylphenol ethoxylates (APEOs) or, more specifically, nonylphenol ethoxylates (NPEOs).

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