Alberdingk Boley launches Albodur 1055

Alberdingk Boley has further expanded its product range of 100% PU-Polyols based on renewable resources, which underlines the company’s commitment to producing sustainable oleo-chemicals with superior properties.

The Krefeld-based company has a 190yr tradition of processing vegetable oils, and constantly strives to combine outstanding performance parameters with a sustainable raw material base for its binders.

Launching the new, VOC-free polyol Albodur 1055, Alberdingk Boley accomplished its aim to push the UV-stability beyond the current limits of decorative 2pack PU coating systems.

When crosslinked with an aliphatic isocyanate, Albodur 1055 can be used to formulate a light-stable PU system (>1.000 hours QUV B exposition).

In addition, the binder offers a hydrophobic nature, and an extremely pale appearance as both the neat resin and also when combined with a low viscosity isocyanate, which has always has been one key aim of Alberdingk’s versatile technology.

Thanks to the polymer structure of Albodur 1055, it is possible to reduce the isocyanate demand of the total system without compromising basic features like good workability, broad versatility and compatibility profile, as well as excellent mechanical properties needed for the applications it may be used.

In summary, it can be justifiably claimed that, compared to alternative technologies, Albodur 1055 offers a unique performance profile when formulating light-stable VOC-free 2pack PU coatings.

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