AkzoNobel launches new fire protection system for wooden facades

Protecting wooden building facades against fire just got easier and more efficient, following the launch of a new coatings system that has been specially engineered by AkzoNobel.

The fast-drying Sikkens system is the company's latest technological innovation designed to meet the challenges set by the world's most extreme conditions.

It offers exceptional fire resistance, lasting beauty and major improvements in production efficiency.

Approved in Europe in line with the required standards for reaction to fire, ignitability and durability, the system is classified as B, the highest fire-retardant rating that can be expected for an organic material, such as wood.

"This is an important new offering, which showcases our leading R&D capability and commitment to developing innovative products for our customers," said Simon Parker, Director of AkzoNobel's Industrial Coatings business.

The company's Marketing Segment Director for Wood Coatings, Anthony Woods, added that the key component to the new system is the ultra-effective fire-retardant primer.

"Thanks to its excellent application properties, as little as 250g per square meter is needed to create an even and attractive appearance," he explained. "Which means around 29% less primer is required than is the case with comparable products."

The coating, which dries in less than two hours, is suitable for airless and air-assisted high pressure spraying in a production line environment, with no additional investment in special spraying equipment required.

Therefore, cladding manufacturers can take full advantage of its extraordinary efficiency and effectiveness, while homeowners can take advantage of the company's expertise in providing lasting colour performance and protection.

"Fire protection is becoming increasingly important, not only in public buildings but also for private homes," Woods continued.

"This new system for wooden facade elements is ideal as it meets all the regulations without compromising on a beautiful, high quality finish."

Initially introduced in Europe, a phased global launch for the new Sikkens system will follow.

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