AkzoNobel adds sparkle to diamond-coated Sunreef Yachts catamaran

The world's first diamond coated multihull yacht is due to make its debut later this year thanks to an innovative partnership between AkzoNobel and Jean Boulle Luxury.

The partnership combines a diamond coating technique developed by Jean Boulle Luxury with AkzoNobel's advanced colour and application expertise.

Working together, the two companies can transform ethically sourced, natural diamonds into a high quality coating to give a dazzling finish to almost any surface.

Already used on private aircraft and luxury cars, the Sun King Diamond Coating will make its debut in the world of multihull yachts with the 40 Open Sunreef Power.

"The innovative coating we've co-created takes the boundless palette of colours and effects provided by our Awlcraft SE range and applies dazzling diamond grandeur," explained Hans Slegtenhorst, Pro and Superyacht Segment Manager for AkzoNobel.

"By combining the proven performance of a full Awlgrip paint scheme with Jean Boulle's Sun King Diamond clearcoat, we'll achieve an unrivalled aesthetic result on the Sunreef vessel."

The fully customised 40 Open Sunreef Power was created at the Sunreef Yachts shipyards in Gdansk, Poland, where the company was founded by its President, Francis Lapp.

Thanks to a special engine combination, the boat can achieve a top speed of more than 60 knots and is designed to provide stability and comfort, even at high speeds.

Added Bertrand Boulle, CEO of Jean Boulle Luxury: "We're delighted to be working with Sunreef Yachts, the leader in luxury catamaran building, to create the world's first diamond coated multihull boat."

The lustrous Sun King Diamond Coating topcoat - the world's only natural high quality diamond coating - dramatically alters the visual appearance, while also maintaining full functional capabilities.

It has already been applied to Rolls Royce and Bentley cars and a Bombadier Global Express aircraft.

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